How to Eat an Elephant:

      A Personal Experience in Goal Setting

"A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind", Neil Armstrong said as he stepped on the Moon, the first human to ever do so since the Earth & Moon were formed.

My 7 year son asked me, "Mom, How do you eat an elephant?" I was stumped, but he answered gleefully, "One bite at a time Mom..."

Get Rich Quick Never Worked For Me
I kept reflecting on it for long. How true it is in life! Even though I am quite an impatient person who is always wanting things to happen instantaneously. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that whatever progress I have achieved in life has not been the result of any "get-rich-quick" schemes. Rather, everything took its own sweet time.

The search for a husband who loved me, finding the job I always wanted, and living at this huge ranch, everything took a long time, but it did happen as I had always dreamt.

Of course, I didn't believe I deserved the things I wanted, and I certainly couldn't afford them with my meager salary. But I secretly did dream about how life would be with these things that I wanted, the people I wanted to be with, and the fun I could have.

Starting a Diary
Reading Napoleon Hill's classic book, "Think & Grow Rich", I started a small diary, writing down my deepest and secret desires... my goals, my fears, my aspirations, and hoped that my guardian angel would come to read my diary while I was asleep.

Little did I know about the power of the written word. As I filled a diary, another took its place. When the rental increased at the place I was staying, I decided to move out with a friend and get a bigger place that we both could afford after sharing the rent.

A surprise awaits me
As I packed my things, out came the 4 diaries I had filled in the past year or so. I glanced over them, and remembered many things I had cried about at night, and some happy incidents at work too. I became nostalgic as I read and read. I chanced upon an entry that asked me to write 101 goals of my life. I had managed to fill only 38 of them before I had dosed off that night.

To my amazement, I realized that 4 of these goals had come true at work... I always wanted to organize the Christmas party at my office, and the last year I was nominated by a friend of mine to do so. Similarly, my desire to work on the Ticketing project had come off too, and one of my articles was accepted for the company newsletter.

I was surprised, happy and quite emotionally charged thinking that these things had happened magically in my life, without doing anything actively for them. How did this happen?

How Simple Was Goal Setting
As I became more obsessed with Goal Setting theory, I read more about the power of the written word, how our subconscious mind works, etc. I then began to understand how simple it was.

All I had to do was to write down my goals as the first step. This helped our brain, our mind, and the attraction forces of nature and God to act in some mysterious way to guide us towards our goals.

So I started to write bigger goals, more goals, and kept writing more and more. The more I wrote, somehow I was able to achieve. Now of course I didn't achieve everything I wrote.

That's because writing down the goals is the first step. My father had told me once, "Do what you can, and then leave the rest to God." I was then planning to get admission in a college. My father told me to fill in the application forms, sit for the GRE exam, and then leave the rest to God to help you find the right university. After all, if I don't sit for the GRE, don't fill up the University application forms, then of course the universities don't know anything about me, so how can they offer me a seat.

So I did what I could. And left the rest to God. At that time I didn't think much about it, but in hindsight, all the things that I achieved in my life, have been though this same method. I write about them, I do small things that I can, and leave the rest to the Almighty.

Fulfilling Some of My Dreams
And I have been much happier. I achieved most of all I dreamt of. Of course, my list isn't complete. I still am planning to go tour the world with my family, learn French, play the guitar..

However far the object of your desire may seem, it is possible to get there. All you need is to take one small step at a time.

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Nothing succeeds like success. After you taste success, you'll be back for more. I am sure of that.

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God Bless!

Veronica Parker.

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