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How to Achieving Your Goals Faster

You’re probably here because you have a desire to achieve something, to create something, to deliver something, or to enjoy something. Whatever your goals, you can achieve them.

You have the drive, commitment, energy and God to help you achieve your dream goals.

All you need to do is to:

1. Start with a simple goal.

2. Write it down - Just create a topic in the “Write your goals” section of the Goals Forum.

3. Share it with others - friends, peers, or if you are shy, just post it here on the forum.

4. Commit to spending just 10 minutes a day focusing on your goal, and taking action on it. Even if it is a small step, do it. Every one can spare 10 minutes. You can too!

5. Keep at it. Update your progress on your goals post on the Forum every day.

6. Celebrate Success - Every week, give yourself a reward. Celebrate your success. Pat your back for keeping at it for the past 7 days. And commit to a daily 10 minutes to achieve your goals.

7. Once you begin and achieve the habit of writing, sharing, and doing the 10 minute steps, you will come closer and closer to your goals, and will actually achieve them sooner than you expected. Once that happens, share it with us. Post your success on the forum in a new topic.

8. If you like this method, share it with others. I am sure your frieds, peers, spouse could benefit from these simple steps.

That’s it! Isn’t it simple. Just head over to the Write your Goals category, and begin your first goal right now.



To your goals… Veronica Parker