Goal Setting Helps To Achieve Your Dreams

Goal Setting That Works is about my journey in achiving my goals. I won’t say that I know a lot about goal setting, but I truly believe in the power of goals.

If I look back a few years in my life, I had come to Singapore for a contract IT job. I was getting the minimum salary allowed to get an employment pass in Singapore. It was difficult to survive on it. I had just got married, and in a new land, it was dificult to live with a small amount.

At times I decided to leave the job and go back, but I persisted, and vowed that I will find a job that will give me the salary that I deserved.

The economy was good, the times were good, so I started applying for jobs from the local newspapers. I used to send atleast 20 resumes every night. But I did’nt get a single reply back. Singapore companies did’nt even have the basic courtsey to inform candidates if they made it or not. They clearly listed in the advertisements - “only shortlisted candidates will be informed”.

With no luck, I had pretty much given up hope of living a comfertable life in Singapore. With my contract term about to expire, I went and told my supervisor of my decision to not renew, as I did’nt think the salery I was getting was worth staying there for.

To my surprise, the supervisor was already in touch with my contracting company to work out a deal where I could leave my contracting company, and join their company as a full time employee. This had happened as my supervisor had appreciated the quality of my work at many times.

But when I threw in the towel, they asked me how much I wanted. I named my figure, which was kinda high at that time. But to my utter astonishment, they accepted it on the spot.

Thus began my career in this company, with the status of a full time employee, with a salary that I asked for.

Back then, I did not realise, but this whole thing grew out of my frustration with my current plight, and was strong desire to get the job that I wanted with the kind of salary I wanted. This wasn’t wishful thinking, but in effect, it was my goal. My first goal that I truly wanted.

Over the years, I read Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Napolean Hill, Wayne Dyer among others. And my thinking shifted. I started to write down my goals. One of the exercises in a Brian Tracy tape asked me to write down my top 50 things that I wanted to accomplish, and then file that list somewhere away, to be seen some time later. I wrote a long list of everything I could dream of - doing MBA, learning to play the Sitar, Visitng Thailand, being a published author, speaker and writer etc.

Actually I forgot where I kept that list. You know, sometimes, when I want to keep something very safe and secure, I hide it some very obscure place, thinking nobody can find it. And it is true. After a while, even I can’t find it myself. But that aside, I chanced upon the list some 4 years later, when I was moving house.

I was amazed at what I saw. More than 60% of the things I had written had actually happened. I had enrolled in an MBA program and even completed it, I had visited Bangkok in Thailand with my wife and kids, I had learnt to play Sitar, an Indian classical musical instument, and one of my articles was published in a book, among the many things I had written.

That was the time when I truly became a student of Goal Setting. I started studying it, trying different approaches on it, researching on it, and reading whatever material I could find in the local library and on the Internet.

This blog and the GoalSettingThatWorks website is my desire to share my learings with you, so that you can benefit from them too. The goal writing and reminder service is free for you to use, and share with your family and friends.

Use it and benefit from it. Use it to achieve and fulfill your dreams. I have had exceptional results, simply by writing down my goals, and reading them regularly.

Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book called “You’ll See it When You Believe It.” I have seen this happen in my life, and many of our  readers have written to me about their successes too. I feel that if you write your goals, you activate the universe to get it to you. If you truly believe in your goals, they will surely manifest.

Go ahead, get started now. You can write your goal here, and we will remind you every week!

See the results in just a few short weeks or months…




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